Does a Cannula Reduce Dermal Filler Bruising?

Let’s face it: fillers are great! But, the subsequent bruising - not so much. Does a cannula reduce dermal filler bruising? How does it work? Keep reading to learn more!

What Is a Cannula Needle? Does a Cannula Reduce Dermal Filler Bruising?

There are two commonly used means of injection when it comes to dermal filler: a sharp-tipped hypodermic needle and a blunt-ended cannula needle. While a hypodermic needle is more popular, research has found that a microcannula needle may be better. A microcannula offers many benefits, such as single-entry points, less force during injection, and flexibility. A single injection point allows for multiple filler applications, unlike a hypodermic needle, requiring several entry points. Less force decreases the risk of trauma, minimizing bruising. Alongside less force, microcannulas push rather than pierce, a more comfortable experience that decreases the risk of passing through a blood vessel. This minimizes bleeding and discomfort as well as bruising.

Here Are 6 Tips for Minimizing Bruising After Dermal Filler

Now that you understand the science behind cannula needles, here are some bonus tips for bruise reduction after filler!

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