CoolSculpting Inner Thighs

CoolSculpting for Inner Thighs in Reston

There’s nothing more frustrating than stubborn inner thigh fat. No matter how many squats and leg workouts you do, you may still be stuck with bulges that just won’t go away. Thankfully with CoolSculpting for inner thighs, you can get the slim, smooth look you want without going under the knife.

Why Choose CoolSculpting for Inner Thighs?

CoolSculpting offers many benefits for anyone who wants to get rid of fat on their inner thighs. First, this procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive. It safely and effectively destroys fat cells and doesn’t carry any of the risks associated with surgical fat removal like liposuction. Plus, you can resume most if not all of your typical activities right afterward without any downtime.

Does CoolSculpting Hurt?

CoolSculpting is generally well tolerated. Initially, you can expect to feel intense cold and some pulling or tugging sensations in the treatment area. However, within minutes, the area becomes numb and you won’t feel anything.

After treatment, you may experience mild redness, swelling, and tenderness in the treated area.

When Will I See CoolSculpting Results?

CoolSculpting doesn’t provide immediate results, but once you see the difference in your thighs, you’re sure to be impressed. Most patients begin to see changes around three weeks after the procedure. Significant results are more apparent two to three months post-treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you’re in good general health, have pinchable fat on your inner thighs, and have reasonable expectations for treatment, chances are that you’re a great candidate. The best way to ensure CoolSculpting is right for you is to schedule a consultation.

Where Can I Find the Best CoolSculpting for Inner Thighs in Reston?

Love every inch of your body and finally say goodbye to stubborn inner thigh fat with CoolSculpting from Generations Medical Aesthetics! Contact us today at 703-439-1104 to schedule an appointment, and begin your slimming journey today!