Under-Eye Fillers

Under-Eye fillers: Why This May Help You? (Even When Other Treatments Have Failed)

Do you have tired-looking eyes or dark circles?

You may have tried under-eye creams, masks, or serums, but your genetics may make these treatments obsolete.

In such cases, under-eye fillers can be an excellent choice to eliminate your dark under-eye circles or tear troughs.

Here’s the deal:

Fillers work by providing the lost volume and helping anyone with under-eye hollowness or dark circles.

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What Are Under-Eye Fillers?

Genetics, aging, or volume loss may cause the delicate skin under your eye to appear hollow, sunken, and darker.

Tear troughs give your eyes deep indentations, dark circles, and a tired appearance.

Under-eye fillers work by providing the lost volume.

However, it’s essential to understand the difference between dark circles caused by genetics and those caused by hyperpigmentation.

Under-eye fillers are an excellent tool for the first problem. But they won’t help in cases of true pigmentation.

So, the first step in managing dark circles is consulting a board-certified expert.

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Is Filler A Good Option For You?

You are a great fit if you have good skin elasticity, quality, and smaller eye bags.

We assess all patients carefully during the first consultation as these fillers don’t benefit everyone.

How Many Treatments You May Need?

Some results are visible after the treatment. Final results can be seen in a few weeks as filler attracts hydration.

Your expert will call you two to three weeks after the initial treatment to examine healing and final results. They may advise an additional syringe if required. After six to eight weeks, you can repeat the procedure to maintain the results.

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