PicoWay Laser

Generations Medical Aesthetics is proud to announce the newest laser in the aesthetic industry, the PicoWay Laser!

This advanced laser is designed to treat individuals of all skin types! Significant improvement of acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots (pigmentation) and tattoo removal of any color. This high powered PicoWay laser transforms your skin from inside out!


PicoWay has the adaptability to shatter tattoo ink of any color and leaving the outer layer of the skin looking flawless. This Picosecond laser treats a wide range of tattoo colors across any type of skin tone. Over a series of brief treatments, PicoLaser can eliminate a variety of tattoos. That is why this laser is the nation’s leading tattoo device!


Skin discoloration is a common issue for every individual and it appears in many different places on the skin. Some spots are related to over exposure of the sun as others like melasma, can be caused by hormonal changes. Many of these skin discolorations can be distressing and affects the quality of life.


Did you know that 40% of individuals who have acne will develop some degree of scarring? Many of these acne scars are a result from a loss of collagen in the skin. This PicoClass laser gives out ultra-short, quick pulses of light that reaches below the surface of the skin. Thus, stimulating the elastin to build collagen back in the outermost layer of your skin.


Millions of people around the country are seeking treatment for their fine lines and wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Our PicoClass laser uses short laser pulses to reach deep under the skin, without damage. PicoWay is proven to stimulate collagen and elastin while building back what has been lost over the years.

Need more detail, No problem!

All PicoWay treatments use a picosecond laser with the highest power and the shortest laser pulses available. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second! These ultra-short pulses are important because they lead to drastic effects that avoid heating the skin rather than a photothermal (or heat) approach. This warms the skin and can lead to side effects, such as downtime and scarring.

Because PicoWay uses ultra-short laser pulses, the result are amazing and has little to no downtime! Clients can resume normal activities and even apply makeup over skin within a day of treatment.

PicoSecond laser targets pigmentation from any tattoo, melanin in the skin that causes dark spots, or areas in the dermis (a layer under the outer skin) where tiny spaces can be created to allow room for new collagen and elastin growth. The PicoWay laser reaches under the skin for best impact, leaving the outer layer of the skin intact and looking flawless!

Frequently Asked Questions

How must does this cost?

PicoWay cost varies by treatment type and provider. A treatment session may range depending on the type of treatment, size of treatment area, number of treatment sessions and other factors. Only your provider can determine the expected cost. That is why we recommend you come in for a consultation.

What makes PicoWay different than any other treatment?

PicoWay is a picosecond laser with high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations for a photoacoustic, rather than a photothermal effect that heats the skin. PicoWay patients report high patient satisfaction and low to no downtime.

Is PicoWay right for me?

If you are looking for a laser treatment that treats specific skin conditions and offers low to no downtime, PicoWay may be the right laser for you. Ask your provider if PicoWay can help minimize your acne scars, wrinkles or tattoo removal. of if it can remove bothersome dark spots or tattoos that you no longer want.

Can I return to normal activities after treatment?

Yes, PicoWay has low to no downtime. Most people are able to return to their activities of daily living shortly after treatment. You may need a bandage to keep the treatment area dry for a few days following tattoo removal.