Fire and Ice Facial

Fire and Ice Facial Reston Virginia

Many men and women are curious to learn all about the iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial which has grown famous in dermatology offices across the country.

What Is the Fire and Ice Facial?

The Fire and Ice Facial is an intensive facial experience which is able to resurface your skin while also reducing the signs or aging and enhancing your skins natural beauty.

The facial is applied as a mask to the skin on your face.

This mask is able to resurface your skin using sugarcane extract while also nourishing your skin with ingredients such as vitamins A and B3.

What are the Results?

The Fire and Ice Facial requires no downtime which makes this the idea lunch time procedure.

You should not expect any redness, flaking or swelling post treatment.

While you may experience a slight flushing of the skin this should go away within a few hours following your Fire and Ice Facial.

Does the Fire and Ice Facial Hurt?

While not painful, you may experience a tingling sensation during your facial treatment.

Many patients describe a Fire and Ice Facial as feeling some heat along with the tingling sensation both during the treatment and while the mask is being removed from the skin.

We will apply a soothing mask along with other hydrating serums which can cool, sooth and hydrate your skin following your facial.

Before Your Fire and Ice Facial

Your doctor will likely recommend that you avoid waxing, or having any laser treatment done before your Fire and Ice Facial treatment.

They may also recommend avoiding any skincare products containing vitamin A, glycolic acid or other resurfacing ingredients 48 hours prior to your appointment.

All About Fire and Ice Facial at Generations Medical Aesthetics

At Generations Medical Aesthetics we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive explanation for all patients interested in the Fire and Ice Facial.

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