Deb Bodmer

Deb Bodmer’s journey began amidst the sunny shores of Southern California, where she started in the world of banking. Her path led her to the Aegis team at the Naval Warfare Assessment Center before setting roots in Virginia. Accompanied by her husband and their four rambunctious sons, they found home in Oakton.

Navigating through diverse administrative roles in the dental and dermatology fields, Debra honed her skills, eventually finding her place as the dedicated office manager at Generations Medical Aesthetics alongside Bob Earley since 2013. With a blend of expertise from dermatology, dentistry, and aesthetics, Debra brings a touch of Southern California spirit to our Northern Virginia office, infusing it with professionalism and warmth.

Outside the office walls, Debra’s spirit thrives. Whether she’s on the dance floor, seeking tranquility through yoga and meditation, or traveling and visiting family near and far, Debra embraces life with boundless enthusiasm. And when relaxation calls, you’ll often find her poolside with a smile and a bottle of sunscreen in hand.

Nowadays, Debra finds joy in treasuring moments with her growing family, which now includes three cherished daughters-in-law. As an advocate for self-care and graceful aging, she invites you to explore skincare protection, delve into the world of medical-grade products, and indulge in rejuvenating aesthetic treatments. When you stop by the office, Debra is ready to be your guide on the journey to radiant, youthful skin and renewed confidence.