RHA Fillers

RHA Fillers in Reston

As the first and only hyaluronic acid filler approved by the FDA, RHA fillers are revolutionizing the cosmetic services industry.

Utilized to treat moderate-to-severe dynamic lines and wrinkles, RHA fillers are helping women and men alike reverse the aging process by restoring facial volume. 

Why Choose RHA Fillers?

RHA fillers give you a more rejuvenated look in a subtle way, eliminating nasolabial folds, glabellar lines, and perioral wrinkles.

The R in RHA stands for resilient, as it allows you to go back to your resting face after expressions without leaving lines and wrinkles behind.

It also allows for a natural look even as you move muscles around your eyes, mouth, and cheeks, so no one will ever know you received cosmetic injections. It can stay your little secret if you don’t want to share! 

What Do RHA Fillers Feel Like?

The injections are virtually painless, and a topical anesthetic can be used to minimize any discomfort you experience. You may feel a slight pinching sensation with RHA fillers when the needle first pierces your skin.

When Will I See RHA Fillers Results?

RHA dermal fillers are noticeable almost immediately, so you may see results before you even leave your appointment. It can take several weeks for full results to be evident.

Am I a Good Candidate for RHA Fillers?

If you’re over the age of 22 and are interested in improving your aesthetic by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles without cosmetic surgery, you are likely an excellent candidate for RHA fillers.

The best way to determine whether RHA fillers are right for you is to speak with an experienced provider that specializes in dermal fillers.

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