Are you so desperate to ditch the razors, hair removal creams, and wax that you’re considering DIY at-home laser hair removal (LHR) treatment?

You’re probably thinking, “What could it hurt?” But here are three reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Try At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

  1. You’re not a qualified laser hair removal specialist. Obviously, this goes without saying, as you already knew that you’re not trained to administer laser treatments. But an effective laser requires training to safely work it, so it’s not likely to be effective if you can just purchase it without a license or any sort of training.
  2. It’s a waste of time and money. Even if it seems harmless to give a laser hair removal device you bought online a try, it might not feel so benign to your wallet – or your spare time. You’re likely to be throwing time and money down the drain with an ineffective laser, as it won’t be nearly as powerful as the lasers at your local LHR clinic. Even those require multiple treatments for maximum efficacy, so how much time is it going to take with a laser that is only a fraction as effective?
  3. It’s not harmless. Well, at least it’s not guaranteed to be harmless. Most likely, your at-home laser hair removal device won’t hurt you. But since this type of laser is not regulated by the FDA, your safety is not guaranteed.

For Optimum Laser Hair Removal Results, Trust the Experts

It may be better to simply save your money and keep shaving. At least that’s not quite as disappointing as buying a device that doesn’t work!

But, if you truly want effective laser hair removal, then turn to skilled and professional laser experts. Where can you find LHR experts in Reston? Right here at Generations Medical Aesthetics.

Call us today at 703-439-1104 to book a consultation for a custom quote, and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable quality laser hair removal really is!