CoolSculpting for Thighs

CoolSculpting for thighs is an excellent non-invasive, non-surgical way to get rid of saddlebags and thunder thighs, and say hello to the much desired thigh gap!

This revolutionary technique relies on cryolipolysis, which freezes and destroys fat cells, leaving you with a more trim physique.

Here’s what you should know about CoolSculpting, which is helping so many people meet their body goals when diet and exercise fail.

  1. CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve 20% or More Fat Reduction in Your Thighs Per Session

Some people achieve up at an 80% loss of fat! This amazing technique can help you reach your goals to get the gap, as well as get rid of thunder thighs and decreasing pain caused by your thighs rubbing together.

2. The Cost of CoolSculpting for Thighs Depends on Several Factors

As you likely know, you can expect to pay more for cosmetic services in a big city, as demand is higher. Other things that affect the price of CoolSculpting include the quality and skill of the provider and clinic, the area(s) of the body being treated, and how many treatments you need.

You may need one to four visits, depending on your current condition and your desired aesthetic. A consultation with a CoolSculpting specialist will help ensure you get a custom quote.  

3. CoolSculpting Results Are Long Lasting, and You Can Make Them Permanent

The fat loss from CoolSculpting for thighs is permanent. Once fat cells are destroyed, they are forever eliminated.

However, without a healthy diet and regular exercise, the fat cells that remain may get larger. It is important to maintain your results through nutrition and movement if you want them to be permanent.

Ready to give CoolSculpting a try? You’ve got nothing to lose – except unwanted fat on your thighs! Contact us today at 703-439-1104 for CoolSculpting in Reston!