sweating more than usual

Botox is an incredibly common procedure across the nation. In fact, among the 14.2 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures performed in 2015, the most common was a Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) injection), comprising of 6.7 million procedures.

While many people believe the only point of these dermal fillers is to get fuller lips, prevent sagging skin, and to fill in fine lines in the face, there are also many positive benefits of botox injections that have nothing to do with altering your appearance. Here we explain.

Botox for tension headaches
Interestingly enough, botox is great for treating migraines! This treatment has been approved since 2010 as an effective way to deal with horrible headaches. Depending on the location of a headache, there are 31 different pressure points in the head and neck where the botox can be administered.

Sweating more than usual
Botox is known for “freezing” overactive muscles, and this includes sweat glands. So if you are sweating more than usual under your arms, then this treatment could be for you. This is also noticeably effective for those with sweaty hands and feet.

Overactive bladder
The same freezing mechanism goes for an overactive bladder. As an FDA-approved treatment, both women or men who have had botox injections into their bladder have experienced fewer leaks on average. However, there is always the risk of having too much botox administered into the area, and if this is the case the bladder may shut down temporarily and the patient will need to use a catheter.

Crossed eyes
Surprisingly enough, botox was originally developed to help relieve crossed eyes. This condition, where the eyes do not point in the same direction, is triggered by tight muscles at the back of the neck and head. Botox injections into the area can ease the muscles back into their natural place and help the patient see better.

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