medical skin careAcne is a problem many people face, as nearly 85% of people have acne at some point in their lives. Typically, it usually starts in puberty but can affect people all the way up into their 50s.

One of the biggest problems with acne is that many people make mistakes when treating this skin issue. So here are some common acne treatment mistakes to keep an eye out for when you care for your skin.

  1. Not being patient
    Skin is constantly renewing itself, and a complete cycle takes about a month to complete. Because of this, it will takesome time for your acne medical treatment to work and set in. While it seems that the acne came on fast, it does take some time and patience to heal — it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see results. Think of acne as an inflammation, not an infection, and with constant TLC, you’ll see some results.
  2. Being too harsh
    While it can seem satisfying to scrub your skin, over-scrubbing can actually be detrimental. This is because it can compromise the skin’s protective barrier and actually lead it to produce more oils, which will only increase acne production. As a general rule, only use a face scrub about twice a week.
  3. Going overboard on products
    Some people tend to go layer all of their skin care products when they aren’t seeing results right away. However, this is likely to only irritate your skin as it is never a good idea to introduce a bunch of new products right away. Instead, go for the gentler approach and only bring on medical skin care products every week or so.
  4. Picking the skin
    We know that you want that large zit off your face immediately, but picking and popping it will only prolong the healing time and increase the chance it will scar. Usually, picking the pimple will cause the bacteria to go even further into the skin, making your frustrations even worse!

Prevent these skin care mishaps by speaking with a professional at our skin center for different medical skin care options today. With our help, you’ll have a fresh face in no time!