CO2 laser treatment
*Individual results may vary

The world of beauty is ever-changing and there seems to be a new skin care product launched every week that will help you care for your skin. One of the newest medical skin care treatments on the market is the fractional carbon dioxide laser, and here we explain everything you need to know about this unique treatment.

What is CO2 laser skin resurfacing?
This is a non-invasive skin care treatment meant to help improve the skin’s texture, prevent and treat wrinkles, help to produce collagen, improve skin laxity, and fix uneven skin tone or blotchiness. It can be applied to all areas of the face, along with the chest, neck, arms, and legs. It is also incredibly helpful in healing and lightening acne scars. Considering 85% of people have acne at some point in their life, this treatment can be beneficial to people of all ages.

How does it work?
The CO2 treatment has the longest wavelength ability on the market, and it reduces columns of skin tissue in a fractionated method. This means that columns of skin are reduced, leaving untouched skin around the area to help aid in healing. The treatment can be applied to all areas of the face, as well as the chest, neck, arms, and legs.

Is there anything this CO2 laser treatment does not do?
The CO2 laser does not work to reduce redness or dilated blood vessels. It can actually penetrate these and make them look worse as the laser treatment causes initial redness.

What does the treatment entail?
The CO2 laser treatment will be applied in-office, and should not take more than an hour. You may feel some pain and discomfort during the treatment, but you will have an option to use a topical anesthetic to minimize pain. Both before and after the procedure you will be prescribed treatment medications to ensure proper healing.

What is the recovery period like?
Since the laser is so deep, it will take anywhere between seven and 14 days for your skin to heal. Patients typically describe their skin feeling as if it is sunburned, and you may have some redness and tenderness to the touch. It is also common to experience dryness, flakiness, peeling, and soreness after the procedure.

This is just a beginner’s guide into the world of the unique CO2 laser treatment. If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, don’t hesitate to contact our skin care professionals today!