best lip filler results

Whether you’re not a fan of the lips you were born with or signs of aging are starting to show, lip filler can create a more youthful appearance. Before treatment, you should learn easy steps to protect your investment and beautiful, fuller lips. Consider this your game plan to score the best lip filler results in Dulles, Virginia. 

Choose a Qualified Lip Filler Injector

Sensations lip filler results from top brands like Juvéderm begin even before you have injections. It’s important you don’t settle for the first injector you find on the internet. Of course, that’s a legitimate way to find a lip filler provider, but you should also do your homework. 

Your lip filler injector needs to be a licensed medical professional that has completed training. Verify they are certified to administer cosmetic injectables. Read reviews online. Ask to see before/after photos of their work. 

Schedule a Dermal Filler Consultation Before Lip Injections

This is an important meeting and one you should have before any aesthetic treatment. During your lip filler consultation, your injector will need to conduct a medical evaluation to make sure the treatment is safe for you. 

You’ll be given quite a bit of information as well, such as how to prepare for lip filler injections and what to expect during your appointment. If you have questions about lip filler, now is a good time to ask. 

Talk to Your Lip Injector About Pain Medication

While your injector will ensure you are comfortable during treatment, it is no secret that there is a bit of soreness after lip injections. It’s only temporary, but it’s a good idea to speak with your injector about a safe pain reliever for you to take immediately following your lip filler injections if you’re sensitive to pain. 

Eat Well and Drink Plenty of Water

Everyone knows that a nutritious diet and hydration are necessary to stay healthy, but did you know they help with healing too? It’s true! Be careful though. Foods with too much sodium can increase swelling, a common yet temporary lip filler side effect. 

Keep Ice Packs Handy

Another normal side effect of lip filler injections is bruising. Applying ice to the treatment area will not only reduce bruising after injections, but it can also help with swelling and discomfort.

Hit the Gym Before Your Lip Filler Appointment

If you enjoy a workout, do it before you get injections. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activity for at least 48 hours. Increased blood flow can worsen lip filler side effects. 

Be Mindful of How You Sleep

One important step to getting the best lip filler results in Dulles, Virginia is to sleep with your head elevated. Not only will this reduce swelling, but it’ll keep your filler from becoming displaced. Be careful, and don’t put pressure on your lips. 

Keep Away From High Temps

Saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers should be off-limits for 48 hours. Heat can make swelling worse. 

Timing Is Important

Are you getting lip filler for a special event? If so, plan accordingly. Everyone heals differently, so to be on the safe side allow yourself at least two to three weeks to fully heal and for all side effects to dissipate. 

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