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Not everyone is blessed with plump and juicy lips. This could be due to genetics, the aging process, or other reasons. If your lips are a source of insecurity, then dermal fillers may be the solution for you. Here’s your quick guide on filler injections, plus which brand yields the best lip filler results in Herndon, VA!

What Are Lip Filler Injections, and How Do They Work?

Lip fillers are an extremely popular aesthetic treatment. In fact, in 2018 alone, over 2.1 million lip filler procedures were performed. Also, that number has only grown since then. Despite their popularity, you may not know what soft tissue fillers are and how they work to enhance the lips.

Lip injections are a type of dermal filler treatment that uses an injectable gel, typically made of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), to add volume to your lips. The main goal of this is to make the lips fuller, healthier, and juicier. Lip fillers offer additional benefits, such as:

  • Balancing asymmetry concerns between the top and bottom lip or sides of the mouth
  • Improving and correcting the shape of your lips to better suit your features
  • Smoothing lip lines and wrinkles around the mouth

Lip fillers are FDA-approved, safe, and non-surgical. Fortunately, they require no downtime required afterward! You can go about your typical day after injections in most cases.

Which Brand Gives the Best Lip Filler Results in Herndon, VA?

There are many brands and types of dermal fillers available that are used for non-surgical lip augmentation, with Juvéderm being one of the most popular and versatile brands. Their products offer the most natural-looking and longest-lasting results.

Juvéderm is a popular HA-based soft tissue filler that has been approved since 2006. In their line of products, there are two designated fillers for lip augmentation – Volbella XC and Ultra XC, though others may be used around the mouth.

Volbella XC is an injectable crystal-clear gel. The injectable is indicated for minimally invasive lip augmentation and the reduction of perioral lines. Perioral lines are the fine or deep wrinkles around your mouth. Results can last up to one year.

Ultra XC is another clear injectable gel used for lip plumping. Similarly to Volbella, results can last up to a year. Good candidates also have realistic expectations and no active oral infections, such as cold sores.

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost? Are They Worth the Money?

By enlisting the help of a skilled, board-certified healthcare provider, you are able to achieve the best lip filler results in Herndon, VA that are worth every penny.

The average Juvéderm cost is $782, but a single syringe can cost anywhere from $500 to $975 or more. It really depends on which product you use for lip enhancement. There are some other factors that could come into play when the price is determined. For example, your provider’s credentials and skills, and the location of the medical spa you’re being treated at.

Your individual anatomy and goals for lip filler injections determine how many syringes you need. A conservative amount of filler is typically given to first-time patients. Some people only need half of a syringe total, whereas others may need one or two syringes.

For an individualized treatment plan and accurate pricing, consult with a reputable provider who specializes in cosmetic injectables like soft tissue fillers. 

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