Botox and Fillers During COVID

The way we receive Botox and fillers during COVID will likely remain in effect once this pandemic has come to an end as well.

Testing and Screening

Advanced safety protocols have been put in place almost everywhere since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is no different at your local aesthetics office.

Many offices are taking extra precautions including taking the temperature of each patient, and extra screening precautions to ensure the safety of their patients and staff.


PPE has become a new staple term when discussing safety protocols during the Coronavirus.

You can expect the office you go to for Botox and fillers during COVID to require that patients wear masks and adhere to social distancing during their visit.

Employees at your favorite aesthetic center will likely be required to wear masks, visors, and protective clothing shields as they administer your treatments.

Reduced Staff

In order to reduce the risk of potential spread, many offices are considering having less staff available in their offices.

The purpose of this is not to decrease how many patients can be seen in one day, but rather to ensure that the health of the patient and employee are all taken into careful consideration for optimal safety.

Limiting Procedures

It was not uncommon before the pandemic to visit your local aesthetician and have multiple treatments performed in one visit.

Many practices will likely now limit the number of procedures you can receive to restrict time spent for a smoother flow of patients and to limit interaction.

Botox and Fillers During COVID at GMA

At Generations Medical Aesthetics we are focused on helping you look your best while improving the health of your skin, even during and after COVID-19.

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