Can Botox Prevent Wrinkles from Forming?

You may be familiar with the wrinkle-erasing benefits of your favorite injectable but can Botox prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place?

We explore the answer, below.

What Is Botox?

Botox is an injectable treatment that relaxes the muscles in your face that cause the visible appearance of wrinkles that show as you age.

Once relaxed, there is no tension creating a wrinkle which leaves you with a smoother, younger-looking you.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox has been FDA approved for safety and efficacy.

However, Botox is only safe if being administered by a board certified expert injector with extensive knowledge of the product and of facial anatomy.

Can Botox Prevent Wrinkles from Forming?

Botox can be used as a preventative treatment to address fine lines from becoming noticeable wrinkles in the future.

When Should I Start Getting Botox?

Many physicians recommend Botox injections for patients in their late 20s and early 30s.

During this time, many patients are beginning to see the initial stages of fine lines on the face.

By targeting those fine lines early, Botox can prevent them from worsening drastically to the point where they become deep set wrinkles and facial folds.

Treatment Areas

Some of the most common areas where Botox is applied are the lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

What Are the Side Effects?

Common side effects from Botox treatments include headache or swelling, and bruising at the injection site.

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