coolsculpting procedureGlobally, beauty and personal care is a 400 billion dollar industry. It’s no secret that people want to feel good about themselves, have self-worth, and self-confidence. There are so many products, procedures, and plans to help make this happen, but some things you have to maintain on your own. Staying in shape and being healthy is a lifestyle choice. So, what happens if this lifestyle still leaves you feeling flabby? You’ve worked out, followed a strict diet regime, and you still have areas with body fat that just don’t seem to go away! Many women face this dilemma, and this makes them want to give up! Don’t reach for that cupcake! An all season body that you can be proud of is attainable without surgery, without starving yourself, and without a weight loss boot camp. The Coolsculpting procedure is non-invasive, long-lasting, and most importantly, it works.

So, what is Coolsculpting and what are the benefits?
Good question. The Coolsculpting procedure is FDA-approved. It uses a device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. This treatment is intended for treating stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Many individuals who have tried Coolsculpting have reported it also helps with loose skin treatment and they appear to be more toned after the procedure too!

  • It’s SAFE!
    You are dealing with medical professionals for this procedure and as with any other service, you will want to make sure you research the facility you are considering going to. The blog stresses that there are no artificial substances involved. The targeted fat cells during the cooling process are then shed through your body as a part of its own natural processes.
  • It’s Convenient and Comfortable
    The Coolsculpting procedure takes 60 minutes (maximum) each session. During this time you can check your e-mails, read a book, watch television on your IPAD, or just relax. Many facilities can target multiple areas at once all in one sitting too! Seeing that it’s non-invasive there is no recuperation time needed afterward and you can get right back to your daily routine.
  • Long-Lasting Coolsculpting Results
    Unlike with diet and exercise, fat cells actually die and are permanently gone from your body with the CoolSculpting procedure. You’ll literally freeze them away forever! Your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to four to six months after treatment. The side effects are minimal and can range from numbness to slight skin irritation. This is HIGHLY preferred over the side effects and problems that can arise after a weight loss surgery!

Working out and a healthy diet cannot be replaced by the Coolsculpting procedure but, when all is said and done, if you’re left with sagging skin and have not found a viable way to tighten loose skin you may want to look into an option that doesn’t involve you going under the knife! It is a procedure that is relatively inexpensive, FDA-approved, and with all the rave reviews, seems like the way to go. If you are putting in the time and effort, you should be able to show off your hard work and feel good about it!