Tattoos Be 100% Removed

Let’s jump right into it. Can tattoos be 100% removed? The answer is unfortunately not cut and dry. While the process itself is relatively easy, there is a lot to consider before having laser tattoo removal.

This quick guide answers the most commonly asked questions and can help you make an informed treatment decision.

Does Tattoo Removal Provide Immediate Results?

Laser technology has certainly come a long way, but that does not mean you get overnight results. It takes time to complete treatment, so patience is vital. Remember, tattoo ink is meant to be permanent!

The laser energy absorbs tattoo ink without damaging surrounding tissue. It breaks down ink into tiny particles, which your body then absorbs. Over time, your lymphatic system naturally eliminates these particles.

A typical treatment plan consists of five to 10 sessions or more, depending on specific factors. The sessions should be scheduled four to eight weeks apart to allow time for healing.

Is It Painful?

Before we answer your question, “Can tattoos be 100% removed,” let’s discuss what treatment feels like. Keep in mind individual experiences and pain thresholds vary!

Some people have said getting a tattoo hurts more than removal. Others have stated the opposite. While it is impossible to predict exactly what you are going to feel, there are some tips you can try to make it less painful.

An approved over-the-counter pain reliever, numbing creams, and taking care of your health goes a long way toward easing discomfort.

What Should I Do Before and After Treatment?

Expect your provider to give you full pre- and post-laser tattoo removal guidelines. Beforehand, they may ask you to avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen. Be sure to stay hydrated.

Following aftercare instructions is essential for a great outcome as is dedication to finishing your treatment plan. After each session, keep the area clean and apply recommended ointments. Protect the area from the sun, and avoid picking scabs.

Is It Possible to Just Lighten the Ink if I’m Getting a New Tattoo Over the Old One?

Sure, and this would likely cut down on the number of sessions you need, as well as the cost. Be sure to discuss your options with a reputable provider.

How Do I Find the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Provider?

Many medspas offer this service, but that does not mean they are qualified! Do research.

Choose an experienced provider who uses only the most advanced technology. Verify their background, and take a look at before/after photos to gauge their quality of work.

You can read reviews and testimonials. This allows you to get a sense of patient satisfaction and a provider’s overall commitment to safety and level of service.

Start a rapport by scheduling a consultation. Compatibility and communication style matter. Meet a provider before making your final decision. Pay attention to your instincts, and continue your search until you feel confident with your choice.

Honest discussions are key! Not only must a provider be transparent about procedure details, side effects, risks, and costs, but you have a responsibility to honestly discuss your medical history, medication, health conditions, aesthetic goals, and expectations.

Can Tattoos Be 100% Removed?

Tattoo size, colors, depth of the ink, lifestyle habits, age, overall health, laser technician skills, and technology all impact treatment. But the bottom line is, yes, with commitment, patience, and adherence to guidelines, most tattoos can be fully removed.

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