skin care productSkin care is having a hot moment lately. However, it seems that many people only focus on their skin’s needs during the cold weather when you really need to care for your skin all year round.

This is particularly true in the summer time when the sun is out in full force. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun. So if you want to keep your skin as smooth as it was in the wintertime, follow these tips to keep those brown sun spots, sunburn, and any signs of aging at bay!

Always slather on sun protection
You need to stay protected from those harsh rays of the sun, period. Keep in mind — no tan or burn is a good thing for your skin. Every time your skin is outside without protection, your risk of skin cancer increases, so even if it is cloudy make sure you are protected! There has been a lot of different products that have come out recently that are full of SPF to make things easier for you when getting ready, so you can just apply and go.

Clean your skin with cool water
While hot water can be soothing and relaxing, it can be quite harsh and strip your skin of naturally occurring oils it needs to have that radiant glow. Using cool water at night will help close your pores and give a splash of refreshing relief after a hot and steamy day.

Use aloe vera as a moisturizer
It may feel too cloying to wear thick moisturizer during the hot summer days. Instead, try aloe vera as this multipurpose skin care product will moisturize you completely but won’t leave a heavy feeling on your face.

Up your exfoliating game
Because you sweat more in the heat, dead skin cells will build up on your face faster. Because of this, you’ll need to exfoliate about every other day or so as a way to get a smooth and clean canvas for those skin care products every day!

Summer isn’t only about skincare, and if you suffer from excessive sweating, fine lines from the sun, brown spots on skin, or hyperpigmentation, don’t hesitate to call our professionals today and schedule a consultation! We will have you feeling confident in no time!