sweating for no reason

Nothing undermines confidence worse than excessive sweating for no reason. In fact, one of the primary concerns of people with hyperhidrosis — a disease that causes excessive sweating — is the emotional toll that it takes on suffers. Fortunately, a number of methods have been developed to help people who are sweating a lot more than usual.

One of the best methods available today are Botox injections. In fact, the FDA has approved Botox to help treat people suffering from profuse sweating. Still, many people are wary about using Botox for anything other than correcting fine lines in skin.

In order to help you understand how Botox can help people who are sweating for no reason, we have dedicated this post to answering some common questions about this procedure.

    1. How does Botox help with excessive sweating
      Botox blocks the chemicals that activate the sweat glands. Without the signal to produce sweat, your body just won’t produce it, at least not as much of it. In order to do this, doctors will inject Botox in areas like the armpit, where sweating is most severe.


    1. Will insurance help pay for Botox?
      This will depend on your individual insurance plan, but since the FDA does consider Botox a legitimate treatment for hyperhidrosis, there is a fair chance that your insurance will help with the expenses of the treatment. It is important to consult with your doctor and ensure that your insurance approves the treatment before it takes place.


    1. Who should consider Botox to help with sweating?
      For starters, you will need to be at least 18 years or older. Additionally, Botox is often seen as the last resort for those who suffer from sweating for no reason. There are other less invasive treatments that work for many patients.


  1. How long will the treatment work?
    This is entirely dependent on how quickly you metabolize the Botox. While treatment is usually effective for up to six months, regular exercise or irregular stress can greatly reduce the time Botox stays effective.

Botox is more than just the number one aesthetic procedure on the market for women over 35 (followed by laser hair removal), it is also a great option for those who seem unable to beat their problem with excessive sweat. So if you have been struggling with hyperhidrosis, don’t lose hope.