Get Botox Now In Reston

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of life. Although you cannot avoid them, does that mean you have to look your age? Not when you get Botox now in Reston! Use this quick guide to prepare you for treatment.

How Does Botox Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

This cosmetic injectable is a neurotoxin that stops muscles from contracting. When injected into target areas, muscle movement stops and the skin becomes smooth. It is a suitable option for dynamic lines or those caused by facial expressions.

Is Botox My Only Choice?

No, it isn’t. Other brands of neuromodulators such as Daxxify, Dysport, and Xeomin are fantastic alternatives. However, if you are concerned about static lines and wrinkles, you should speak to a reputable injector about dermal fillers before you get Botox now in Reston.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Treatment?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of these injectables is $528. Factors such as the experience of the injector, size of the treatment area(s), and your aesthetic objectives impact what you pay.

If You Get Botox Now in Reston, You Don’t Have to Wait Long to See Results!

It can take three to four days to see some change and up to 14 days to see the final outcome. Most patients enjoy younger-looking skin for three to four months.

Is This the Right Treatment for Me?

This is answered during a consultation with an experienced injector. Eligibility is determined based on your medical history, aesthetic goals, and expectations. As long as you are generally healthy with the desire to safely reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, you are likely a great candidate.

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