treatment for fine linesCO2 laser treatment is a great remedy for fine lines and a way to boost the skin’s appearance in general. Once you leave the clinic, it’s your job to care for your skin and help the treatment be as effective as possible. This is why it’s essential to follow your clinician’s aftercare instructions. While the clinic will give you specific aftercare methods, the following are some ways that you can maintain your skin in the days following treatment.

  • Avoid sun damage. When going outside, apply a gentle sunscreen to your face and wear a hat. This will help protect your skin from the sun, as UV rays can be quite damaging. While this is a skincare best practice in general, remember that your skin is extra vulnerable after treatment.
  • Keep your hands off of your face. It may be tempting to pick at your face, but keep your hands away. Your hands collect bacteria throughout the day and can transfer them to your skin, potentially causing an infection. You can also cause scarring by picking at your face.
  • Help your skin retain moisture. This is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your skin. Ask your clinician about moisturizing products, as keeping your skin moist is key to healing. These products may include creams, sprays, and serums.
  • Gently clean your skin. Just as you should moisturize your skin, you should also take time to keep your skin clean. The key is to do so gently, so ask your clinic about mild skin care products. As your skin heals, you can eventually reintroduce your normal skin routine.
  • Call your clinic about any problems. If you experience any unusual pain, swelling, scarring, or other issues, call your clinic. They will likely have you come in to be examined by a professional. They can pinpoint the problem and get you back on track to heal.

The global beauty industry is worth $400 billion, so it pays to follow aftercare instructions and make your treatment as effective as possible. Remember that CO2 laser treatment may not show results right away. As a treatment for fine lines, it may take time to see its effects. Be patient and ask your clinician about follow up treatments. Since everyone’s skin is different, everyone will require a different formula of skin care procedures to achieve their ideal look.