How Much Is Full Body Laser Hair Removal for Sensationally Smooth Skin?

If you’ve struggled with getting rid of unwanted body hair, then laser hair removal should be your next step.

It is the most popular way of removing unwanted hair, and it’s a lot more affordable than you may think. How much is full body laser hair removal (LHR), you wonder? Let’s talk about it!

You’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Waxing, shaving, and those overpriced OTC creams don’t accomplish permanent hair removal. You keep at it, but now you’re only wasting time and money. We understand how frustrating that is.

The most important thing to keep in mind when asking, “How much is full body laser hair removal,” is that you can expect tremendous savings over time.

Remember, You’re Paying for the Best Long-Lasting Hair Removal Option!

While shaving and waxing might seem convenient and cheap, they make no strides in removing hair permanently. Plus, think about how often you must do it. So inconvenient! So, it’s important to know it’s the least expensive choice for hair removal in the long term, since you can expect to spend over $5,600 shaving over your lifetime, and over $15,000 on waxing.

So, What’s the Bottom Line? How Much is Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

The average cost for one session of full body LHR in the US is $2,500 to $3,000. But, your individual investment will depend on factors such as how much unwanted hair you have and the number of sessions you need.

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