Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, which means many women and men are looking to get a slim and sculpted physique in time for summer.

If you can relate, and have stubborn bulges that you can’t seem to shed, CoolSculpting may offer an ideal nonsurgical solution.

Continue reading to learn all about CoolSculpting, including how it works, who’s a good candidate for treatment, and how to achieve the best CoolSculpting results.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that delivers controlled cooling in order to target and destroy localized fat pockets.

During treatment, one of CoolSculpting’s seven treatment applicators is used to suction adipose tissue and selectively freeze subcutaneous fat cells.

This is done without harming skin or surrounding structures and causes affected fat cells to undergo apoptosis (cell death).

In the coming weeks and months, fat cell remnants are naturally cleared from the body via the lymphatic system, for gradual fat reduction and slimming.

Is CoolSculpting for Weight Loss?

CoolSculpting is designed for nonsurgical fat removal. As such, patients will note improved body contours and that their clothes fit better, but will not lose weight or observe any changes on the scale.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Fat Freezing?

Women and men who are at or near their ideal weight, but struggle with diet and exercise resistant fat, usually achieve the best CoolSculpting outcomes. 

It is also well-suited to anyone who wants to reshape common trouble spots like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, back, bra line, upper arms, or chin.

How Many Sessions Are Needed to Get the Best CoolSculpting Results?

CoolSculpting can reduce up to 24 percent of fat, in the treatment area, following one session.

That being said, most patients get the best CoolSculpting results with one-to-three treatments.

Looking for the Best CoolSculpting?

If you are considering CoolSculpting, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.