co2 laser treatment

In the world of beauty, looking younger is always the most tantalizing promise we look for when choosing beauty products. Getting rid of the stereotypical signs of aging — think sagging skin, brown sun spots, and those pesky fine lines in skin — is the goal, no matter the serum, lotion, or potion used to achieve it. In fact, the beauty industry is so focused on anti-aging that it was the second highest grossing skin care category in 2014, bringing in 1.15 billion U.S. dollars.

There is always something new and unusual to try out as a method of treating aging skin, including fractional co2 laser treatment. This revolutionary skin care treatment is quite unique in its field, and here we explain everything you need to know!

What exactly is a co2 laser treatment?
Simply put, a co2 laser is a resurfacing treatment that is applied to the skin as a way to reduce visible signs of aging. The laser removes sections of skin in “fractions” meaning full sections, or columns, of skin are treated at one time. When this happens, it leaves the untreated skin around the column intact to help aid with healing.

How does it work?
The laser creates a high concentration of light that is able to penetrate deep layers of the skin. The skin then naturally repairs the “damage” done, by pushing out discolored and damaged skin, and replaces it with fresh, new skin.

What skin issues will a co2 laser treat?
While each patient’s skin differs, a co2 laser can be successful in treating freckles caused by the sun, fine lines, heavier wrinkles, uneven coloration, irregularities in the skin’s texture, dull tone, and/or can even be used as a means to thicken collagen.

What does the co2 laser procedure entail?
The laser will be administered in your doctor’s office, however, you will be prepped with medication to take beforehand to cut down on pain and ensure healing. The pain tolerance of the procedure differs with each patient, so it is most likely you will use a topical anesthetic so there isn’t too much discomfort during the treatment.

How many treatments are needed?
Again, every patient is different but generally, it only takes one treatment to see great results! Remember that it will take a few weeks to see complete healing, so be patient and great results will follow.

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