Is Tattoo Removal Permanent

Are You Wondering Is Tattoo Removal Permanent, So Your Ink Doesn’t Have to Be?

Getting a tattoo is a sentimental thing for most people. Most people tend to get inked when they are emotional, whether they be in love, sad, or happy. While tattoos are meant to be permanent reminders of something special, sometimes our perspective changes as we go through life. There are a plethora of reasons to permanently remove a tattoo.

And according to statistics, about half of millennials have at least one tattoo with 30% of this population regret ever getting them. If that is the case for you, then you are probably wondering, is laser tattoo removal permanent? Even if you’re not a millennial, you may be experiencing tat regret. But no worries, tattoos are no longer permanent, as they can be removed with laser treatments.

Permanent Laser Removal Allows You to Eliminate the Ink You Once Loved for a Clean Tattoo-Free Look!

The laser tattoo removal technique involves the use of laser wavelengths to break down pigments. The laser machine transmits pulses through your skin’s upper layers with light that absorbs the tattoo pigments. The color black can be broken down by laser easily, but color is harder (though still possible) to remove. 

You may need several sessions for your tattoo to be completely removed. The number of treatments will depend on how big the tattoo is and other factors. Laser treatments can be painful, but your laser technician can apply numbing cream on the area before the treatment. 

Say Goodbye to Tattoo Regret With Permanent Tattoo Removal From Generations Medical Aesthetics!

Laser tattoo removal is effective and can permanently remove your tattoo, leaving no traces of the regrets that come with it. When wondering is tattoo removal permanent, your next step is to choose a reputable clinic to have your removal done, and Generations is the place to go in Northern Virginia. Call us today at 703-439-1104 for permanent tattoo removal in Reston! We’ve helped many happy clients restore their skin.