Is the Kybella Cost in Reston Affordable?

In the age of selfies and video calls, having a double chin is no good. There are exercises and gadgets that claim to slim your chin, but they don’t provide real results.

Liposuction seems like a bit much. What about Kybella? So, what is it and is the Kybella cost in Reston affordable?

I’ve Never Heard of Kybella – Give Me the Lowdown

Kybella uses an FDA-approved form of synthetic deoxycholic acid to non-surgically reduce excess fat beneath your chin. Deoxycholic acid is produced naturally by your body in order to absorb fat. 

It’s the perfect alternative to liposuction. 

Tell Me About Downtime

The first and only injectable of its kind for double chin treatment, Kybella is non-invasive and non-surgical, but there is a little recovery time after Kybella that is different for everyone.

It can last two days to two weeks. Minor side effects like swelling and redness disappear within the first week.

How Many Treatments of Kybella Do I Need?

The amount of treatments needed varies from person to person. Most people require about six sessions to experience maximum results. Results are permanent, because your fat cells are no longer able to store fat. 

How Much Does Kybella Cost in Reston?

Treatment with Kybella costs about $1,200 to $1,800 on average. Price always varies with the number of sessions you need, geographic location, and expertise of the person providing your treatment.

The only way to know how much Kybella cost in Reston is by scheduling an appointment with a specialist.

Find Out More on Kybella at Generations Medical Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center

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