Laser Hair Removal for Women

There’s a certain level of apprehension that women may experience before undergoing a treatment like laser hair removal.

This is especially true for those who have become accustomed to the discomfort and irritation associated with waxing and shaving.

If you are ready to trade in your razor for a laser, you may be curious about what LHR really feels like and if it will hurt.

Continue reading to discover what you can expect from laser hair removal for women and how the procedure compares to other defuzzing methods.

Laser Hair Removal for Women – What Does It Really Feel Like?

It Feels Like Small Zaps

Many patients agree that laser hair removal for women feels like a series of small zaps that are similar to a rubber bank lightly snapping against the skin.

The discomfort is minimal and very short-lived, as most LHR sessions last just five-to-15 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal Barely Hurts – Especially Compared to Waxing

Patients often seek laser hair removal as a more convenient, effective, and longer-lasting alternative to waxing. 

After years of having hot wax poured onto their skin to remove unwanted hair, most women are prepared for laser hair removal to involve a certain degree of pain.

However, they are usually pleasantly surprised by how easy and comfortable LHR actually is. 

Most say that it barely hurts and is a breeze compared to waxing.

You May Experience a Slight Stinging Sensation

During laser hair for women, it’s not uncommon to notice a slight stinging or pinching sensation.

Fortunately, these effects last just a second and, before you realize it, the treatment is over.

Skin May Look and Feel Similar to a Sunburn Post-Procedure

Following laser hair removal, the treated area may appear red with some mild swelling – much like a sunburn. 

But unlike a sunburn, the discomfort quickly dissipates and is gone within a matter of minutes to a couple of hours.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal for Women

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