Non-Surgical Facelift in reston

One thing remains constant in life – aging is inevitable. What can change is the way you deal with lines and sagging skiing. Many outstanding treatments qualify as a non-surgical facelift for wrinkles and skin laxity in Reston.

Here are the FAQs you need to know!

What Are the Top Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments?

There are exciting options! While they all offer great benefits, it is important to rely on a reputable provider to assess your skin health and aesthetic goals so they can guide you toward the right procedure for your needs. 

Be sure to ask about the following: 

  • Cosmetic injectables: Great for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging, dermal fillers can be injected for a liquid facelift. Neurotoxins like Botox or Daxxify can safely be combined with fillers for overall rejuvenation.
  • Chemical peels: This treatment does something a surgical facelift cannot do. It has the power to restore and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. There are different types and levels of peels so the right one for your needs can be chosen.
  • Laser therapies: With multiple laser technologies, one that stands out more than others is PicoWay. This highly targeted treatment requires little to no downtime for recovery and corrects many skin imperfections. 
  • Morpheus8: An advanced anti-aging technique, Morpheus8 combines traditional microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology. It tightens and rejuvenates the skin on the face and body by stimulating collagen production. 

How Quickly Will I See Results After a Non-Surgical Facelift for Wrinkles and Skin Laxity in Reston?

You’ve heard the saying, “All good things come to those who wait.” This applies to non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Patience during healing is an absolute must. Another must-do is to follow the post-non-surgical facelift instructions provided, as they fully explain how to care for your skin for sensational results. 

Most patients begin to see improvement within one to six weeks. Certain procedures may require multiple sessions for optimal outcomes, so stick with the treatment plan your provider recommends. 

How Much Does a Non-Surgical Facelift Cost?

This varies greatly and depends on factors such as your goals, provider fees, chosen treatment, and number of sessions necessary to reach your desired results. On average, it costs $2,800 according to self-reported users on It typically ranges from $1,785 to $3,601 or more.

For example, one session of Morpheus8 averages $1,825, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states the average cost of laser skin resurfacing is $1,489.

Be sure to get upfront pricing from your provider. You may be able to take advantage of specials or qualify for financing to make affordable monthly payments. 

Is This the Right Choice for Me?

You can find out if a non-surgical facelift for wrinkles and skin laxity in Reston is right for you by scheduling a consultation. 

As previously mentioned, we need to conduct a skin assessment and discuss your goals to determine the best treatment for you. More importantly, a medical evaluation is necessary to ensure your safety. If you want a fantastic outcome, choose an experienced and licensed healthcare professional.

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