Permanent Laser Hair Removal

There are many misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal, or LHR, such as that it’s painful or people with dark skin cannot have treatment. These are false! Something else that can be confusing is the longevity of the results.

Does permanent laser hair removal in Ashburn really last forever? Here’s what you should know to bust the myths surrounding the duration of LHR results.

What Is the Bottom Line on LHR Results?

Permanent laser hair removal in Ashburn is possible if hair follicles are destroyed. If follicles are damaged and not destroyed, hair growth can occur. However, any new growth you experience should be lighter and less coarse.

This is also not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Some patients require two to six sessions to achieve permanent hair reduction, while others require more. Certain health conditions and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control can encourage hair growth which may mean more future sessions.

Technological advances have made treatment possible for anyone, but those with light skin and dark hair tend to have the best and quickest outcomes.

One thing is definite – LHR does yield long-lasting results!

Preparation for LHR is An Important Step for Successful Effects

Not only do you need to choose a reputable provider through diligent research, but you need to follow their guidance on how to prepare for treatment. They provide you with specific instructions.

One tip to remember is to stop the use of tweezers and wax to remove hair in the weeks leading up to treatment. You may be asked to stop taking certain medications/supplements, especially those that cause photosensitivity.

Two to three days before your procedure, discontinue using products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinol. As far as the sun, always use sunscreen (even on cloudy days) and avoid exposure to UV rays, both natural and artificial. Self-tanners are off-limits too.

Shave the area you wish to treat 24 hours before treatment.

What Advice Is There for the Day of Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Ashburn?

Arrive a few minutes early, and be sure the area you wish to treat is free of deodorants, perfumes, lotions, and oils. These can interfere with the effectiveness of the laser.

Wear comfortable loose clothing. It is possible to experience skin irritation, and the last thing you want is tight clothes rubbing against your skin.

Patients have compared laser hair removal to a mild snapping sensation. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever 30 minutes before your appointment, and ask your provider about a topical anesthetic to maximize your comfort.

What Should I Know About Aftercare?

While preparing is essential, aftercare may be even more important. Again, your provider will give you specifics, but keep in mind that we strongly recommend continuing to take good care of your skin.

Side effects such as redness and swelling are normal. Aloe vera and ick packs can help alleviate discomfort.

Continue to avoid sun exposure for at least two days, and do not use hot showers, saunas, or harsh skincare products for 24 to 48 hours. Limit your physical activity for 24 hours to prevent excessive sweating. All of these can further irritate your skin and impede your results.

Two to three weeks post-laser session, you may see tiny bumps on treated areas. This is a natural part of the hair shedding. Don’t panic! Gentle exfoliation two to three days after treatment with a soft washcloth or gentle loofah can speed up the shedding process.

While you do need to refrain from plucking or waxing treated areas, shaving is acceptable.

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