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Prodigy Peel System

What are the Prodigy Peel Systems?

Innovative Skincare Prodigy Peel Systems can help decrease the appearance of sun damage and wrinkles. Studies have documented in medical literature that chemical peels can improve acne and reduce acne scarring. 

Is there downtime after treatment?

Depending on the strength or depth of the chemical peel, downtime can be as short as two days or, for a medium depth treatment, about five to seven days. Downtime can show mild to moderate peeling or you may not get any peeling at all after the treatment, depending on your skin. 

How many treatments do I need to see results?

We recommend at least three treatments, but additional treatments may be needed for deeper lines and heavier pigmentation. Results vary depending on the individual. 

How often do I need to get the treatment done?

Generations Medical Aesthetics recommends every four weeks between treatments and combining them with laser treatments to boost collagen production and to improve the overall skin texture.

Results may vary depending on the severity and the type of skin problem.

-Michelle Salcedo, Cosmetic Specialist RN, BSN

Michelle brings 17-years’ experience as registered nurse, with over 10-years spent in Medical Aesthetics and Dermatology, to GMA. She has extensive experience with Laser Treatments, JUVÉDERM® Filler and BOTOX®. Michelle is deeply committed to her patients and passionately remains knowledgeable of the most advanced medical aesthetic treatments and techniques including Microneedling and Chemical Peels.



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