Super Serum Advance Plus

The product of the week is iSClinical Super Serum Advance Plus. This amazing product is an anti-aging and antioxidant serum designed to brighten and tighten your skin. It has a copper tripeptide growth factor (bioidentical) that has been clinically proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen production and control hyperpigmentation. Some added benefits are arbutin 0.5% and Mushroom extract 0.5% which inhibit enzymes and give your skin a kick start in treating melanin and hyperpigmentation.

These ingredient’s in the Super Serum Advance Plus reduce inflammation in the skin (which allows the skin to function better) and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scar tissue, stretch marks and uneven pigmentation.

What makes this product so special?

It’s a powerful vitamin C 15% and scientifically advanced, stabilized form. This product contains powerful botanical antioxidants and safe skin brightener. Overall, a serum that has plenty of benefits for your skin without using too many products on your face!

Written by Michelle Salcedo, RN, BSN

Michelle brings 17-years’ experience as registered nurse, with over 10-years spent in Medical Aesthetics and Dermatology, to GMA. She has extensive experience with Laser Treatments, JUVÉDERM® Filler and BOTOX®. Michelle is deeply committed to her patients and passionately remains knowledgeable of the most advanced medical aesthetic treatments and techniques including Microneedling and Chemical Peels. Michelle loves to spend time with her pets and family outdoors, hiking and camping.