CoolSculpting announced their newest ambassador for the upcoming “Demin Denial” campaign. “Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis will be the new face of CoolSculpting. She is taking on a big role for the company as they embark on their new holiday season surprises. Kristin was excited to announce her role as the new face of CoolSculpting, “I’m excited to partner with CoolSculpting and help to banish “Denim Denial.” Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and every woman wants to look great in them…I love that CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that targets and eliminates fat and takes as little as 35 minutes with little to no downtime.”

Allergan’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Body Contouring guru Brent Hauser was more than excited to add not only an amazing philanthropist, but an avid ambassador for body empowerment, “We are honored to partner with Kristin Davis for our Denim Denial program this fall and have her share her personal CoolSculpting journey. CoolSculpting is setting out to educate women about freezing away fat and solve the universal struggle that we all face at one point or another, Denim Denial.”

Congratulation’s Kristin Davis!

Kristin Davis, ambassador for CoolSculpting