tighten loose skin

From Botox injections for face wrinkles to laser hair treatment, skincare is a huge industry that countless people are invested in. In fact, the global skincare market is expected to reach a value of almost $154 billion by 2021. It’s no secret that we care about the appearance of our skin.

But expensive procedures to tighten loose skin or reduce facial hair are nothing without mastering the basics. That’s right! Your basic skincare routine really matters, especially before bed. If you want to get the most out of your skincare routine, here’s the order in which you should be applying your skincare products.

After a long day, oils and dirt can build up on your skin. If you’re wearing makeup, it’s especially easy for oil to build up. Cleanser can help reduce these oils and get deep into your skin to reduce dirt. This is an essential first step for solid medical skin care.

Toner is a secondary step to cleanser, and it can help get an even deeper clean. Any impurities that the cleanser may have left behind are going to get knocked out by your toner.

Acne Treatment
If you’re struggling with acne, it’s best to apply any treatments immediately after your toner has dried. This ensures that the acne treatment can be absorbed into the skin and not blocked by moisturizer or any other creams.

If you have dark spots, whether from aging or acne scars, serums are an excellent option. they can help rejuvenate and brighten the skin. But make sure you let any acne treatment dry completely before applying!

Night Cream
Night cream is different than your daily moisturizer, as it is generally much thicker and can help moisturize and tighten loose skin, as well as hydrate it. Slow absorption allows for even deeper hydration.

Eye Cream
Eye cream is important because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the skin covering the rest of your face. This product acts as a moisturizer for that specific area.

Whether you’re focusing on treatment for fine lines and wrinkles or something else, a good skincare base is essential for proper skin health. If you follow these steps in your nightly routine, you should notice a huge difference in the way your skin looks.