tattoo removal cost

Tattoos are often symbolic, representing a happy memory or someone you love, and they make you happy. Other times – not so much. Do you have a tattoo regret? If so, you might be curious about the tattoo removal cost in Ashburn, Virginia. Here’s what you should know about the expense.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

The process of removing a tattoo is easier than you might think with laser systems like Picoway. This FDA-approved laser technology emits light energy that goes deep into the skin to shatter the ink. The ink is then safely absorbed and eliminated by your body. The number of tattoo removal sessions you need really depends on the complexity of your tattoo.

While there are other ways to remove tattoos, laser tattoo removal is the safest way to do so. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but most patients find tattoo removal manageable. If pain is a concern, ask your provider about applying a topical numbing cream before treatment.

So, How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost in Ashburn, Virginia?

Your total cost is dependent upon many factors including how many sessions you’ll need, the age of the tattoo, the area being treated, and tattoo size, color(s), and depth of the ink. Suffice it to say you will likely need multiple sessions for complete removal. 

The average tattoo removal cost in Ashburn, Virginia is around $450. It may cost less, but fees can be in the thousands of dollars depending on the factors mentioned above.

For Safe, Effective Tattoo Removal Near Ashburn, Choose Generations Medical Aesthetics

Before treatment, we will test your skin’s reaction to the laser to make sure you’re comfortable and that you receive just the right amount of energy necessary for success. 

PicoWay treatments use a picosecond laser – a picosecond is a trillionth of a second! This is beneficial for you, as it means you can achieve drastic results without exposing your skin to too much heat, making it quicker, safer, and more comfortable. Contact us at 703-439-1104 to book your consultation for a custom quote today!