Best Tattoo Removal Device

If you are regretting your ink, you will want to find a physician who carries the best tattoo removal device to handle this sensitive treatment.

Did you know that 20% of people end up regretting their tattoo?

Luckily, there are advanced treatments now available to erase unwanted tattoos safely and effectively.

What Is PicoSure?

PicoSure is the first laser tattoo removal system that is safe and effective to treat pigmented lesions.

The technology behind PicoSure releases quick bursts of energy that breaks apart the ink particles for natural and quick results.

What Are the Benefits of PicoSure?

There are many reasons why patients and physicians prefer PicoSure for tattoo removal, including the following:

  • Faster treatment sessions
  • Innovative technology
  • Great results
  • No negative effect on surrounding skin
  • Great to lighten tattoos
  • Fewer treatments to achieve desired results

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The number of treatments required to remove your tattoo will depend on the color, composition, depth, and density of ink used.

Your skin type can also impact the number of treatments needed to achieve your desired results.

However, 80% of tattoos are completely removed within six treatments with PicoSure.

Do I Need to Wait Between Treatments?

We generally require a four to six week waiting period between treatments for best results.

Does PicoSure Hurt?

A topical anesthetic will be applied before your treatments to help numb any discomfort.

However, you may experience an experience similar to the sensation of a rubber band snapping against your skin.

Does PicoSure Cause Scarring?

You should not experience any long term scarring from PicoSure.

Where to Find the Best Tattoo Removal Device?

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