What Is the Success Rate of Laser Hair Removal in Ashburn Virginia?

Swipe after swipe with your razor, and you’re still only on the first leg. Shaving is such a chore! It is time consuming and downright aggravating.

So now, it’s time to look for something more permanent! If you’re ready to save a little more time in the shower, and spend more time enjoying life, then you should look into laser hair removal (LHR).

So, what is the success rate of laser hair removal in Ashburn, Virginia?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work, Anyway? 

LHR is an awesome, high-tech treatment that uses a special laser to heat the pigment in your hair. The heat from the pigment gets hot enough to transfer to your hair follicle and destroy it, without damaging your skin.

So, How Much Is Laser Hair Removal? 

You can achieve full body hair removal for around $3,000, if not a little more. Don’t worry! You most likely won’t need your entire body done, so you can expect to spend around $285 per area per LHR session. Many women don’t treat their chests and backs, and most men skip their legs. Keep in mind, prices always vary by your geographic location and person providing your treatment. 

What Is the Success Rate of Laser Hair Removal in Ashburn, Virginia? 

Our bodies are amazing at regenerating and healing, so it can be hard to achieve 100% hair reduction. You need several sessions to experience permanent hair loss.

However, after that you can expect up to 90% less hair on the area you treated. Talk about saving time shaving! 

Your Success Depends on Your Provider!

Ultimately, the success rate of laser hair removal relies heavily on the provider you choose. When you find a provider who is board certified, excellent results are sure to follow!

Before choosing your LHR provider, be sure to check reviews, ask questions, and check before-and-after photos, too. 

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