Morpheus8 for Cellulite

Sometimes, no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, pesky cellulite still appears. Luckily, there are cosmetic treatments available that can reduce cellulite on your body.

With so many options, how do you find the best cellulite treatment near Reston?

What Is the Best Cellulite Treatment Near Reston?

Morpheus8 combines a few amazing technologies to target and destroy cellulite while encouraging the development of collagen and elastin in your legs. The treatment combines radiofrequency (RF) technology with microneedling. While the microneedling penetrates the skin, the radio frequencies are able to go deeper into the skin.

This treatment can also improve sagging skin as well as issues on the surface of the skin. For example, Morpheus8 can improve the appearance of large pores, acne scars, sun damage, and other discoloration.

If you are hoping to get great results before a specific event, make sure to plan ahead. This is necessary because it will take about three months for your final results to appear. You will likely need a few sessions that will be spaced four to six weeks apart. These results should last about a year and a half.

Does Morpheus8 Hurt?

It is normal to feel a bit of warmth during the procedure as a result of the radio frequencies. You will likely not feel pain as a result of the microneedling, since the needles used are so tiny. If you are concerned that you will have some sensitivity, consult your provider beforehand.

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