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Your Quick Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal in Ashburn, Virginia

Your Quick Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal in Ashburn Virginia

A lot of us have regrettable tattoos. But, great news – they aren’t as permanent as you think. If you’re ready to erase that ink, you want laser tattoo removal in Ashburn, Virginia. As you age, your body changes and your tattoo changes with it. 

Weight loss and weight gain seriously affect the way your tattoo looks. Another reason is that your tattoo’s pigment has faded. This leaves your tattoo dull and patchy. Of course, a big reason your tattoo isn’t as awesome as it used to is because you just don’t like it anymore.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? 

A high-tech laser gently targets the pigment in your tattoo and blasts them into tiny pieces. Your skin absorbs and removes pigment from your body. Darker colors like black or blue are much easier to remove than more vivid colors.

How Many Treatments Do I Need to Diminish the Appearance of My Tattoo? 

The number of treatments you need to reduce your tattoo varies from person to person. Most people require six or more treatments but begin to see results after about two sessions.

The best way to find out how many sessions you need for tattoo removal in Ashburn, Virginia is by booking a consultation with a cosmetic laser specialist.

What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like? 

Laser tattoo removal feels like a rubber band being snapped against your skin, and you only have a small moment of discomfort. However, many people report minimal discomfort and no side effects.

Get the Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Ashburn, Virginia at GMA Skin & Laser! 

Our provider is an expert in laser technology and dedicated to giving you tattoo-free skin.

Contact us today at 703-439-1104 to book a consultation, and say goodbye to that embarrassing tattoo with laser tattoo removal from Generations Medical Aesthetics Skin & Laser!



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