How Effective Is the Pico Laser?

Having clear, beautiful skin is way better than any sort of cosmetic product that only covers up blemishes.

However, getting the makeup-free look, without using actual makeup is almost impossible to do on your own or with traditional spa services.

The fast path to beautiful skin is with the PicoWay laser. So, what is it, and just how effective is the Pico laser?

Give Me the Scoop on Lasers for Skin

Lasers like the PicoWay work to reduce or eliminate almost every sign of aging on your skin.

This amazing treatment can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, ugly brown and red spots, and poor skin texture. The Pico laser can even work on sun damage and melasma!

How Effective Is the PicoWay Laser?

This laser boosts your collagen production like none other. This does wonders for your skin. A laser gently and rapidly heats up your upper dermis, which is underneath your skin’s surface.

The Pico laser safely and effectively helps your skin fill with collagen. The result is brighter, more rejuvenated skin. Finally, say good-bye to melasma and other concerns!  

Tell Me How Safe the Pico Laser Is

The Pico laser prides itself on being safe for all skin tones. It uses special technology to make sure your skin never suffers any damage from laser heat.

However, the laser is only as safe as its operator. So, it’s imperative that you find a provider that is a specialist in cosmetic lasers.

Cool! What About Results?

The results from this sensational laser last for at least six months before you need to return for another treatment.

Having a skin care routine at home that suits your individual needs is the best way to maintain your results. Talk to your dermatologist about what products are right for you.

Generations Medical Aesthetics Is the Gold Standard in Cosmetic Lasers!

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