How Long Should Botox Last in the Forehead

Aging. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, it usually shows up first on your face. It might have shocked you the first time you noticed lines on your forehead, but there’s no need to worry.

Botox can help. What is Botox? Is it safe? Do results take long? If you get injections, how long should Botox last in the forehead? These are all great questions, and here are the answers!

How Does Botox Work? Is It Really Safe?

Botox is a neurotoxin that when injected by an experienced and skilled medical professional, paralyzes facial muscles. When this happens, the skin above the muscles relaxes. Your result is smoother skin and a younger looking appearance.

Studies conducted over a 15-year span have proven that Botox is safe for short- and long-term use. Side effects are minimal, and it’s a virtually pain-free anti-aging treatment.

How Many Units of Botox Will I Need for My Forehead?

It’s likely your provider will begin with a low dose of Botox at your first visit, and then adjust as needed in the future. The number of Botox units for the forehead ranges from 10 to 30.

So, How Long Should Botox Last in the Forehead?

Generally, Botox in the forehead lasts around three to four months. But, if this is your first treatment it might wear off a bit sooner. The good news is that the more often you have Botox injections in an area, the longer it may last.

Where Should I Go If I Want the Best Botox Results in Reston, Virginia?

Trust the Botox experts at Generations Medical Aesthetics now that you know how long should Botox last in the forehead, of course!

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