laser hair removal burns

In the quest for silky-smooth hair-free skin, many of us have sought out laser hair removal (LHR) to eliminate the constant battles with razors and wax strips. It’s quite alluring to think of reducing unwanted facial or body hair through quick and easy treatments! But, there are potential risks including burns. Here’s how to avoid laser hair removal burns in Herndon, Virginia for a safer experience!

But First, You Should Know What Causes Burns From LHR

Laser hair removal burns occur from excessive heat from the laser, leading to tissue damage. While LHR is generally considered safe when performed by trained professionals, certain factors can contribute to the risk of burns. This includes:

  • An inexperienced laser provider
  • Incorrect settings
  • Sunburned and/or sensitive skin
  • Certain skin conditions in the treated area such as eczema
  • Not waiting the appropriate amount of time between sessions
  • The use of topical products before treatment

How to Avoid Laser Hair Removal Burns in Herndon, Virginia Is as Simple as Following These Tips

To help lower your risk, take the following steps.

  • Be sure you’re an ideal candidate for LHR. Be honest with your provider about skin conditions you have or have had.
  • Arrive at your appointment with clean skin that doesn’t have any products including lotion or oils on it.
  • Choose a reputable provider that knows how to treat your skin type and tone appropriately.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning as well as tanning products before each session.
  • Have your provider perform a patch test in advance to determine the best settings for the laser device.
  • Wait the recommended amount of time between visits, which should be four to six weeks in most cases.
  • Follow all pre-laser and post-care instructions provided by your laser expert.
  • Let your laser expert know if you experience any changes to your skin in between sessions.

By following these guidelines and communicating openly with your practitioner, you can minimize the risk of laser hair removal burns and have a safer and more effective hair removal experience. Remember, everyone’s skin is different, and what works for one may not be suitable for another. Personalized and careful treatment planning is essential for a successful outcome.

Here’s What to Do if You Experience Burns From LHR

It’s essential to take prompt and appropriate action to promote healing and minimize potential complications. Contact the practitioner who performed the laser hair removal immediately to inform them about the burn. They need to be aware of the situation and can provide guidance on how to proceed.

To help reduce swelling and soothe the burn, gently apply cool (not ice-cold) compresses to the affected area. Avoid using ice, as it can cause further damage.

Keep the burned area clean to prevent infection. Gently cleanse the area with mild soap and water, and pat it dry with a clean, soft towel. If blisters have formed, do not pick or pop them, because this can increase the risk of infection and delay the healing process. Apply pure aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and promote healing.

Protect the burned area from direct sun exposure. Use sunscreen with a high SPF, and wear protective clothing to prevent further damage to sensitive skin.

Avoid scratching or rubbing the burned area, as this can exacerbate the injury and lead to infection. Refrain from using harsh skincare products, exfoliants, or strong chemicals on the burned skin until it has fully healed.

If the burn is severe, shows signs of infection (increased redness, warmth, pus), and/or covers a large area, seek medical attention promptly. A healthcare professional will assess the severity and provide appropriate treatment.

Choose the Area’s Top Laser Experts for the Safest LHR Experience Possible

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