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Laser Facial vs. Facial

Laser Facial vs. Facial

When it comes to choosing the most effective treatment for your skin, many patients are curious about the benefits of a laser facial vs. a traditional facial. 

The advancements in laser technology have made laser treatments a very effective and popular treatment for complete facial rejuvenation.

Below are some of the reasons why a laser facial can better benefit your skin over a traditional spa facial

Targeted Treatments

Although a spa facial can be a relaxing experience, they do not provide the same targeted care that a laser facial can offer.

In fact, lasers can directly target specific skin concerns by reaching deep beneath the surface of the skin as opposed to only affecting the skin’s surface.

Permanent Solutions

Traditional facials can provide instant results for smoother skin, however, laser facials offer a more permanent solution for your skin issues.

Laser treatments are excellent options for conditions such as acne, sunspots, and other issues that require deep penetration for optimal healing.

Versatile Treatments

When you visit your doctor for a laser facial you are able to have a multitude of issues treated in one session.

Traditional facials may only treat one or two conditions.

Better Results and Fewer Treatments

The powerful healing provided by laser therapy can offer noticeable results without having to schedule regular treatments.

There is additionally minimal downtime which makes this an ideal treatment for a special event or wedding!

Safe Solutions

The FDA has declared laser facials as safe and effective to treat the skin without damaging its surface.

Laser Facial vs. Facials at GMA

At Generations Medical Aesthetics we are focused on helping you look your best while improving the health of your skin. 

To learn more about the services we offer including laser facials, visit our website today or contact us to schedule a consultation with a member of our team at (703)439-1104.



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